La Vista Caravans are a Melbourne-based, family owned company, who a number of years ago made the decision to design a good sized caravan, built to a very high standard of workmanship, with quality fittings and fixtures. In short, a design that would more than compete with the existing market.

Quick Links: El Nido Family Caravan | El Toro II Offroad  |  El Toro I Offroad  |  Paloma  |  Bella  |  Quokka 17′ (Prado & Pajero Friendly) Great Northern  |  Testimonials

Proudly made in Melbourne, La Vista Caravans are also amazing value when you add up the features for the price. We have dealers all over Australia.

These are our most popular models, click on them to find out more details and watch a Video Walk-Through then see them for yourself …

La Vista El Nido Family Caravan

La Vista El Toro II Offroad Caravan

La Vista El Toro

La Vista Paloma Caravan

La Vista Bella Caravan

La Vista Quokka 17 foot Offroad Caravan




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